“Our digital artwork is formulated on our existence, how we evolve… such as memories, thoughts and the different levels of consciousness or rather how we perceive these states of consciousness. The combination of these elements is a great way to comprehend the mysteries of the mind but due to the limitations of our being it’s something we won’t fully resolve. However, consciousness, despite the advances of science, is still a great mystery to human knowledge.”

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The exhibition is running until 27th September 2015 at the Brick Lane Art Gallery London, UK

Fuzzworks UK | The Brick Lane Art Gallery London | September 2015


Stunning, psychedelic images where art and science collide…. via Ted

Also explore your mind with some scientific art facts via Fuzzworks.co.uk

I Would Not Allow One Man’s Livelihood To Become Another Man’s Gold Mine

One of the top priorities for the  Sustainable Development Goals is to ‘End Poverty In All Its Forms Everywhere’ by 2030.

There are over 7 billion people in the world, and although the proportion of people living on less than $1.25 a day has halved since the 1990s, 1.4 billion still survive on this amount a day or less.

If we are to have any form of global financial equality to end the perennial ache for the people who suffer from extreme poverty, then we need to enforce land grabbing transparency and ensure it’s mutually beneficial to the native people as well.

If I were Prime Minister… I would invest in lands and farmers to replenish existing agriculture, and not permit UK/foreign companies and private investors to land grab from the poorest countries without greatly benefitting the locals, as this hugely discourages an even distribution of global wealth.

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The world of digital marketing can sometimes be hard to keep up with as consumer habits continue to change and technology evolves. Every year brings new trends as Google updates its algorithms and social networks become ever more sophisticated. Many of the online marketing tactics of old are no longer effective, while others can even damage your business.

Even in 2015, novice marketers still tend to place their focus on dated SEO techniques only to find out a few months later that their websites have received a manual penalty from Google. Others take completely the wrong approach to social media, seeing it as a platform that purely exists for promotion rather than building relationships with consumers.

7 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2015 – Read full blog ››

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At Jaguar, one little question has always helped guide us to bigger things..

What if? that simple question… those two little words have carried us to greater heights for decades….

What if Jaguar….


Jellyfish have NoBrain but they swim & sting so they must have sense of awareness with a certain degree of consciousness… View our Jellyfish video on Instagram.


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Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are aligning close in late May and early June 2013.

Global News

If you happen to have clear skies over the next few days, take a look to the west and you might notice a few “stars” moving night after night.

But those aren’t stars. They’re planets.

On May 26, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury will form a tight triangle low in the west. But over the next few days, you can witness them as they get closer.

A triple conjunction like this is rare. The last time it happened was in May 2011. The next time? October 2015.

Even if you don’t know the night sky, don’t fret: it’s easy to spot the three planets. The key is locating Venus.

Venus is the brightest planet in our night sky. It’s so bright that it will show itself before any other stars or planets. Look to the west at twilight and you’ll see Venus emerge.

You can even use binoculars to get in…

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