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Internet Companies – Years & Users

  • Microsoft – 1975
  • AOL – 1983 – 33 million unique monthly visitors
  • Amazon – 1994
  • Lycos – 1994/1995 – over 4 million unique monthly visitors
  • Yahoo – 1995 – 160 million unique monthly visitors
  • MSN – 1995
  • Excite – 1995 – over 1 million unique monthly visitors
  • AltaVista – 1995
  • Ebay – 1995 – 100 million active users
  • Ask (originally known as Ask Jeeves) – 1996 – 125 million active users
  • Hotmail – 1996 – 286 million users
  • Google – 1998 – 900 million unique monthly visitors
  • PayPal – 1998 – 117 million users
  • Bing (previously known as Live Search / MSN Search) – 2009 (Bing and Yahoo! search merged in April 2012) – 165 million unique monthly visitors

Last updated May 2013, estimations taken from eBizMBA.

Social Media Companies – Years & Users

  • WordPress – 2003 – 74 million blogs
  • LinkedIn – 2003 – 225 million users
  • Myspace – 2003 (Acquired by Specific Media & Justin Timberlake in 2011) – 25 million users
  • Flickr – 2004 (Acquired by Yahoo! in 2005) – 87 million users
  • Facebook – 2004 – 1.11 billion monthly active users
  • YouTube – 2005 (Acquired by Google in 2006) – 1 billion users
  • Reddit – 2005 – 43 million users
  • Twitter – 2006 – 500 million users
  • Tumblr – 2007 – 170 million users (Acquired by Yahoo! in May 2013)
  • Instagram – 2010 (Acquired by Facebook in 2012) – 100 million users
  • Pinterest – 2010 – 48.7 million users
  • Google+ – 2011 – 343 million active users

Last updated May 2013, estimations taken from Digital Marketing Ramblings…

“If you’re not happy in your relationship then you should end it as you are hindering someone else from being with the ONE you are with.” ~ Fuzzworks UK

Abstract words on finding the one…. one love, one life
…My thoughts are with you my love, my simple happiness, my ultimate desire, my soul mate, my best friend, the one, the meaning, my companion, my hope, my missing puzzle, my zest of life, my everything. Come to me… I want to feel whole and happy – I’ve never been happy ever, happy for somebody else but never for me. I have always searched for you in some form, and tried to conjure up my split second of happiness with you! The concept is so difficult to visualise and feels so out of reach, in the very far distance I still can’t see you. Tell me you do exist and that you’re made just for me….my heart belongs to you. I yearn for you, I yearn for your love, to be loved,
your tenderness…oh how I yearn for you – It’s like a deep cut that bleeds and never heals. You must be looking for me too, my other half, my life line! I will be everything you need. You’re the only piece of my desire that life would be worth living for….does that make sense, am I making sense – make me complete and keep us together! I need you, I’m lost without you, I have no meaning without you. My final reverie are of you, with you right by my side. One day perhaps my reality…in
this life or the next. I have so much love and affection to give you and only you, my soul mate that god has made just for me….some day you will find me, I will find you, heal me, love me, vice versa…I wait for you…

…The moment comes, me in your arms, my head pressed against your chest…your heart beat echoing through me. I want you so close, hold on to me. You must be feeling the same and gone through the heartache too, don’t cry, I want to comfort you tight and keep you warm. Be mine, let’s be one…let our attraction, our connection, our emotion, our spirits and our souls embrace – let us shine and glow with me forever…bring me and you alive, light me up, take me high! I have had so many dreams of flying…make me fly!!!!!


Growth of a Flower Poem

A flower is conscious in the physical world when it fully flourishes and inherits a vibrant presence.
It’s subconscious in the mental world when it’s semi developed in existence.

Isn’t it intriguing how a flower ripens with all its grace and beauty?
The way it awakens and evolves in such embrace, portraying an amazing integrity.

A flower connects with its senses and engages in the surrounding splendour.
It seizes the sunlight and habituates sensitivity to life, what a capture!

By Fuzzworks UK
(Written in 2002)

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Autumn leaves are so full of colour and life but ironically they are gradually diminishing into nothingness. What a despondent thought.

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