The 3 Levels of Consciousness

Posted: May 25, 2013 in Subconscious
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The 3 Levels of Consciousness

“Reality existing in the physical world can be perceived in the same way within the mental world. In this case a growth of a flower is the perfect metaphor for the Levels of Consciousness.” ~ Fuzzworks UK

  1. tjhunt89 says:

    Can you elaborate?

  2. Fuzzworks UK says:

    So when a flower is fully bloomed it’s conscious to the world and awake per se. When a flower has semi grown it’s taking in the external world but is still somewhat subconscious. And when a flower hasn’t yet bloomed it’s unconscious to the external world. Therefore, the above quote portrays the growth a flower and the levels of human consciousness with the same principle but in their parallel worlds of mental/physical. A different state of existing, being, growing, living…

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