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“Our digital artwork is formulated on our existence, how we evolve… such as memories, thoughts and the different levels of consciousness or rather how we perceive these states of consciousness. The combination of these elements is a great way to comprehend the mysteries of the mind but due to the limitations of our being it’s something we won’t fully resolve. However, consciousness, despite the advances of science, is still a great mystery to human knowledge.”

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The exhibition is running until 27th September 2015 at the Brick Lane Art Gallery London, UK

Fuzzworks UK | The Brick Lane Art Gallery London | September 2015

The 3 Levels of Consciousness

“Reality existing in the physical world can be perceived in the same way within the mental world. In this case a growth of a flower is the perfect metaphor for the Levels of Consciousness.” ~ Fuzzworks UK

Egoista !

Posted: May 25, 2013 in Lamborghini
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Lamborghini reveals 1 seater Egoista concept for its 50th anniversary. Egoista means selfish in Italian.

Explore your mind with some scientific facts


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Autumn leaves are so full of colour and life but ironically they are gradually diminishing into nothingness. What a despondent thought.

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