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Posted: June 2, 2014 in Science, Uncategorized
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Jellyfish have NoBrain but they swim & sting so they must have sense of awareness with a certain degree of consciousness… View our Jellyfish video on Instagram.


Ocean Life

Ocean Life Poem

Wouldn’t you like to explore deep, deep down in to the ocean, where no man has ever been before. Observing the anonymous creatures which God has created, so easy to adore.

Just looking at their lustrous and glorious features, puts you in a right reverie.
It’s the most spectacular feeling which somatics greatly, giving a sense of being free.

The sow at the bottom swaying softly around them, almost motionless.
The texture and tender of their colourful features, gives them their own uniqueness.

A horde of delicate unknown creatures pass by, it’s tempting to touch each one.
It’s something to vaunt about, everyone will be stunned.

Swimming with them thinking what a beautiful sight. Oh my! What an experience!

By Fuzzworks UK

(Written in 2002)

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